Vendsyssel FF


Vendsyssel FF is the latest member of the alliance. The club is a strong mix of Scandinavian efficiency, Danish football style, pool of talents waiting to develop and perform.

Located in the city of Hjørring in the northernmost part of Denmark, VFF is the professional branch founded in 2013 of the historical club of the city IF Hjørring created in 1886. Since 2013, VFF has been playing in Nordic Bet Liga except for a brief one-season spell in Superliga, the top Danish league in 2018-2019.

With the 7.000 fan recently renovated Nord Energi Arena in Hjørring and amazing training center in Vrå, 15 km from the stadium, VFF represents a region with around 200,000 inhabitants, a dynamic economy of services, tourism, fisheries, and a hub towards Norway and Iceland.

Since Q3 of 2020 Core Sports Capital owns 90% of Vendsyssel FF.